Blockchain and Smart Contracts Masterclass

Prepare for Web 3.0 with a Wide-Ranging, Full-Day Interactive Workshop

This masterclass provides delegates the opportunity to get a working understanding of blockchain technology, from fundamentals through to advanced concepts. Designed for executives, managers, founders and motivated professionals who are looking to future-proof themselves and their business, it’s a rare opportunity for an intimate and interactive full-day workshop with blockchain expert, Matthew Shearing.

You’ll learn what distributed ledger or ‘blockchain’ is, why smart contracts represent a quantum leap in managing business relationships, and why implementing distributed ledger technology may place you at the forefront of your industry.

This is BlockSense's premiere offering, and distils a vast amount of industry, educational and consulting experience into one jam-packed day of learning.

"We believe that blockchain can help reduce the burden of administration on businesses and enable them to deliver best-in-class services to their customers."

- Commbank, 2018

What You’ll Learn


At the end of the masterclass, you’ll have a better understanding of:


💡 How you can position yourself and your business to take full advantage of this emergent technology


💡 The fundamental principles of  blockchain technology

  1. Blockchain buzzwords – nodes, public and private keys, encryption, hashes and digital signatures;
  2. How to send a transaction on a blockchain;
  3. How a transaction is stored on a blockchain; and
  4. How a blockchain is secured.


💡 The basics of Ethereum (the current dominant smart contract platform)

  1. Accounts, state, gas and fees, transactions, blocks, execution, mining and proof of work;
  2. The difference between external accounts and contract accounts; and
  3. Managing transactions, contract creations and fees.


💡 The technical elements of smart contracts

  1. Solving real world problems with code;
  2. Determining what can be automated;
  3. Big problems that smart contracts can assist with; and
  4. The risks of smart contracts and the necessity of ensuring robust, secure code.


💡 The benefits of new smart contract platforms


💡 How to begin implementing smart contracts in your business or profession

  1. ICOs and tokenized functionality;
  2. Which projects are coming ‘online’ in the near future to further smart contract utility;
  3. Tools that enable multi-level smart contract deployment; and
  4. Smart Contracts that will improve your business now.


💡 Potential liability for failure of smart contract code


💡 Security considerations when building and using blockchain technology


💡 Where the technology is going and opportunities for smart contract innovation



Prepare yourself and your business for the coming trust revolution.

About the Presenter

Matthew Shearing is a lawyer, educator, adviser, podcast host and speaker. With a focus on emergent technology, he’s well-versed in distributed ledger or ‘blockchain’ technology – from the theoretical concepts to practical implementation. With a wide experience which includes time in the business, legal and technology spheres, he also understands the importance of a holistic approach to disruption which considers not just technical potential, but business realities.

Matthew is the founder of Blocksense, an organisation which provides blockchain and smart contract education in both the public and private sectors - from short educational seminars all the way through to full-day workshops. He also consults directly to businesses looking to develop robust technology plans or means-test blockchain solutions.

His podcast, The FOMO Show, touches on all aspects of emergent technology, and deals with many of the issues created by innovation. He’s also the founder of the Blockchain for Business meetup, which is held monthly in Brisbane and provides a forum for professionals to learn about the technology and meet others involved in the space.

He’s a member of Professional Speakers Australia and the Queensland Law Society. He holds a Bachelor of Law from Queensland University of Technology and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law.

"Blockchain will be to transactions what the internet was to communication – what starts as a tool for sharing information becomes transformational once adoption is widespread."

- IBM, 2018


💬 Blockchain Basics

  • History of the blockchain
  • The problems that a blockchain solves
  • Fundamental characteristics of a blockchain
  • Consensus and decentralisation- why they are important in a blockchain

💬 The first blockchain – Bitcoin

  • A brief overview of the Bitcoin project
  • Sending, storing and signing transactions
  • Maths as the ultimate network security
  • Analysis after the 10-year anniversary of the first blockchain, and lessons we have learned

💬 Ethereum and the genesis of Blockchain Smart Contracts

  • What is Ethereum?
  • Smart Contracts – an overview
  • Tokens and their varied utility
  • Smart contract operation on Ethereum
  • Accounts, state, gas and fees, transactions, blocks, execution, mining and proof of work
  • Issues and Innovations
  • Side Chains
  • Plasma, Metropolis and Scaling
  • Bottlenecks, fees and deficiencies in the platform
  • Byzantine Fault Tolerance

💬 Smart Contracts in Business

  • Solving real world problems with smart contracts
  • Legal and Supply Chain examples
  • In-depth look at several current enterprise projects
  • Active vs Passive Agreements
  • What are Smart Legal Contracts?
  • Use cases and scenarios

💬 Private and Permissioned Blockchains

  • What are permissioned distributed ledgers?
  • How are they different to public blockchains and what advantages do they have?
  • Consortium and Enterprise Blockchains
  • Hyperledger, Corda and Microsoft Azure
  • Detailed comparison of private vs public blockchains
  • Where a permissioned ledger or blockchain may be appropriate
  • B2B vs Consumer focus and why that matters in a blockchain context
  • Examples of permissioned or private enterprise implementations

💬 Using Smart Contracts

  • In depth demonstration of several Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • Live demonstration of current functionality
  • A look at OpenLaw and Azure Blockchain Workbench
  • Practical guidance on tokenization
  • Deep dive into Decentralised Autonomous Organisations
  • What is a DAO, how are they governed and how do smart contracts fit in?
  • Integrating smart contracts into existing business structure and workflow
  • Case Study of Aragon – automated organisation governance
  • Discussion of the future potential

💬 EOS, Cardano and Emergent Smart Contract Platforms

  • Why you may want to look outside Ethereum for smart contract solution
  • Overview of the Cardano project and why it is a game changer
  • How adopting alternate solutions could put you ahead of the competition
  • What you will need to begin on Cardano or EOS

💬 Liability and Risk

  • The risks and consequences of smart contract failure
  • Case study of the infamous ‘DAO Hack’
  • Why efficient and secure code matters
  • Identifying weak points and going 'off-risk'
  • Hiring the right developers and ensuring best-practice
  • Proper use of third-party technology
  • General tips and guidelines for minimising potential liability

💬 Security and Best Practice

  • Proper managements of private keys
  • Avoiding phishing attacks or information leakage
  • Developing 'best practice' security right into your enterprise
  • Utilising solutions that are already available

💬 Positioning your Business to take full advantage of Blockchain & Smart Contract Technology

  • Where is the technology at and where is it going?
  • How can you take advantage of the technology now?
  • How can you set your enterprise up to take advantage of the coming developments?
  • What should you be educating yourself (and/or your employees) on?
  • Developing a robust Technology Plan
  • Strategies to stay informed
  • How do you begin thinking with a 'Blockchain Mindset'?
  • Q & A and problem solving

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This is a rare opportunity for expert insight into one of the most important technologies for the next decade. Masterclass audiences are intentionally kept small to ensure that the workshop is interactive, and participants have full opportunity to ask as many questions as needed.

The masterclass is provided in a state-of-the-art facility. Refreshments, including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, will be provided.

Cost for the full-day masterclass: $995 including GST.

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